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September 14, 2010


Filed under: Climate Justice,Direct Action Community,Movement Building — Adrienne Maree Brown @ 1:51 pm

This week we are heading into Advanced Action Boot Camp for Eco-Justice!! We feel like this is a perfect time to explain what eco-justice is and what it means to Ruckus.

Ruckus has been looking for the right way to say what it is we care about for a long time. There are so many injustices in the world, and we could legitimately spend good time fighting all of them – but that wouldn’t necessarily help us actually change anything.

Over the years we have gone through lots of words and images – jargon, rhetoric, circles that curved in on themselves trying to connect the issues we were working on, to find the root cause that ties it all together.

We had landed on sustainability and self-determination for a while – still not perfect but fairly close. Then we got an invitation from some Ruckus network members to participate in a new initiative they helped create: Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project.

We went through a series of trainings with them on the current crisis we face, the false solutions that are being sold to us, and the real solutions we want/need to organize towards. This process was exciting because it aligned deeply with the conversations we’d been having for years, highlighting the intersections we’d been noticing.

The main lesson is: environment and economy are the roots that intertwine at the deepest level. Our economic woes are not just related to environmental concerns, they are the direct result of disrespecting the natural world. We need a justice that fundamentally evolves our economic and ecological relationships.

And the sense of urgency that we – and I am sure most of you – feel…that’s absolutely valid.

It is no longer optional to pay attention – we are in that moment of crisis where the planet is being over-taxed, over-used, and over-trashed. We have to drastically change the way we think of cities, communities, and our relationship to the planet, and we cannot wait for permission to do so from those who don’t grasp the coming crisis, or think it won’t impact them. We must stand up now for all people, and for the planet.

While we are here training organizers from all over the US and Canada in advanced action tactics, we encourage you to check out some of the following resources that go deeper on EcoJustice:

The Environmental Justice Principles, 1991

Bali Principles of Climate Justice, 2002

The Cochabamba Protocol, 2010

Movement Generation’s awesome resource page, 2008-present

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