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Training Request Intake Form

Please fill out the form below.  Your responses do not need to be long, as long as they answer the questions.

If you have any questions, please email training@ruckus.org

(This form can be found at http://www.ruckus.org/trainingrequest

Contact Information
* Organization Name
Web Page
* First Name
* Last Name
* Email
* Phone
* Street
* City
* State
* Zip
Training Logistics
* Date(s) of training (at least one month away)
* How much time is allotted for the training? (minimum 3 hours)
* Location of training
Any other logistics information that you want to share:
Training Questions
* What training(s) are you requesting? (see the list of Trainings Offered)
* What do you want the training(s) to cover?
* Is the training part of a larger conference or meeting?
If yes, how does the training relate to the larger theme of the conference? Are there related trainings happening?
* Who will participate in the training? (group make-up, constituency, culture etc.)
* Is participation in the training voluntary or mandatory?
* How many people will attend the training?
Organization Questions
* What campaigns or projects has the organization worked on in the past?
* What projects is the group working on now?
* How will these trainings support your work?
* Does your organization have experience using creative, strategic non-violent direct action?
* What is your organization's mission?
We expect that trainer’s travel, lodging, and food be covered, in addition to a training fee.
Training fees range on average from $250 to $600 for a typical 3-hour training. The scale is based on your group’s budget, the number of trainers necessary, and whether or not travel is needed.
* How much would your group be able to contribute (in addition to travel, food, and lodging)?
Other Information
How did you find out about the Ruckus Society?
Anything else we should know?
note: due to the large number of training requests we receive, we, unfortunately, are not able to fulfill each request.
First Name
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