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2011 In Review

2011 has been a big year, as it should – it’s our 15th Anniversary!  And with the world’s 99% on the move – from the middle east, to the Midwest, Wall Street, and over 2,500 other towns around the globe – 2011 has been filled with people-powered action.

Ruckus has been training the 99% for 15 years now, <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } -and we continue to every day – by supporting new activists in occupations across the country, and deepening our steadfast support for communities who are hit first and worst by systems of inequality and oppression, who have been fighting for the rights of the 99% for years.

Take a peak at some of our work from this year below, then please make a donation to help us continue our critical movement-building work!


  • Quarantine the Kochs! Actions against the right-wing billionaires who fund the Tea Party, the climate-change denial machine, and some of the worst corporate front groups. Check out the blog from the Jan 30th action in Rancho Mirage, CA here.
  • Training and strategy support for Wisconsin communities in their historic fight against Governor Walker’s so-called “Budget Repair Bill”
  • Action support with US Uncut movement, including Tax Day action against tax-dodger Bank of America: a “Pay Up!” flashmob to the tune of Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ (See the video that gained a spot on Glenn Beck here!)
  • Training and action support for California community-based groups campaigning to make the banks pay, and end home foreclosures
  • Hosted an "Activist Tech Teach-In" with our partners at Aspiration, for a day-long set of hands-on workshops focused on empowering activists with the tools to use technology to support social change.

  • Showdown at Castlewood Country Club! Blockade with UNITE HERE 2850 at the Pleasanton, CA club’s golf tournament to demand an end to the Lockout against workers – check out the video!

  • Building Movement Through Action” – a community dialogue we hosted in Washington, DC, May 21st, to explore how communities are building people power through nonviolent direct action strategies. You can watch video footage of our speakers here!

  • Training and strategic campaign support for migrant rights movement nationally, and locally for Georgia’s Summer of Human Rights

  • Balloon Banner and mass action with Communities for a Better Environment, PODER, and California communities against the Cap & Trade bill
  • Training and action support against the Tar Sands with long-term indigenous community partners, and growing masses of climate justice activists against the Keystone XL Pipeline. Check this blog about the White House actions this August here.
  • Release of our new Security Culture for Activists” guide, and updates and expansion of our online resources. Download free resources here!
  • On-the-ground capacity-building, training, and action support for the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York and across the country! Check out more about our work with this movement here.

Thank you for helping us make it to 15 years!!

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