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2014 Year in Review

Can you hear that? It’s the drumbeat of resistance rolling outward, across the country and growing ever louder in places like Richmond, CA, Detroit, MI and New York, demanding fundamental change for our futures. Ruckus supports this rhythm with a proven track record of building trusted and equitable relationships with communities on the front lines of injustice; this crucial work is made possible by YOUR support!

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In 2014 the resounding message was clear: Those on the front lines of crisis are also on the front lines of change!

Ruckus has been working hand-in-hand with the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) this year to demonstrate that a powerful people’s movement for climate justice is growing to the equal the scale of the problem, and that  that movement is demanding REAL solutions to address the root causes of climate change and social injustice; solutions that are steeped in community resilience.

Throughout this year, Ruckus helped build the direct action capacity of the CJA – a kick-ass collaborative of over 35 frontline communities and grassroots organizations to forge a scalable, and socio-economically just transition away from unsustainable energy and towards local living economies.

Check out our 2014 Climate Justice highlights!

Our Power Detroit & Our Power Richmond

  • In Detroit, Ruckus threw down to train youth leaders in non-violent direct action and creative resistance in support of the Water is Life Day of Action against the mass water shutoffs
  • In Richmond, Ruckus worked in close partnership with local environmental and social justice groups to cart a day of action that was rooted in Richmond’s vision of community resistance and resiliency. Events included a march, solar powered and pedal powered community speak out and concert, and a series of creative actions demonstrating Richmond’s grassroots-led solutions.

Ruckus played a crucial role in ensuring that CJA and its member organizations were front and center in New York City during the People’s Climate March and #FloodWallStreet action.

  • In late August, Ruckus hosted a 4-day “It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm” Action Camp, which brought together over 60 climate justice activists to train in creative non-vioent direct action tactics and strategy in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit, People’s Climate March and #FloodWallStreet action. The camp emphasized creative, resilience-based actions for climate justice. The majority of participants were young people of color from front-line communities

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In Solidarity & In Action,

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