Our Staff


Sam Corbin

Sam is a facilitator, organizer, and action coordinator from New York City. Her commitment is to supporting the development of resilient, courageous, and joyful people and movements. She is the co-founder of Movement Netlab and The New York Action Network and has worked with local, national, and international organizations for over 17 years developing campaigns and coordinating creative direct actions with groups like The Other 98%, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Sandy, and the Climate Justice Alliance. She joins the staff of The Ruckus Society after over a decade as a trainer and network member

Current Political Homes:
The Ruckus Society, The Wildfire Project, Movement Netlab

Areas of expertise:
Along with group facilitation, retreat planning, navigating conflict, etc, Sam specializes in supporting groups in thinking through and designing the systems, structures, and culture that are responsive to the unique needs of self organized, distributed networks. She also loves teaching climbing for direct actions and is pretty confident you’d love it too.


Eva Cardenas

Program Coordinator

Eva Cardenas is a Chicanx with a rebellious, fiery spirit. At age 10, Eva relocated to Creek and Cherokee territories where she has resided since. Eva is mother to a fierce, resilient and rebellious semillita. She is part-time visual artist and full-time desmadrosa. As both a member and former community organizer with the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), Eva comes by way of the Migrant Rights Movement.

Areas of Expertise:
Training, Facilitation and tactical support.