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ACTION: Quarantine the Kochs!

UPDATE: SUNDAY, JAN 30th, 4:30pm PST:

25 people were arrested today in Rancho Mirage, CA, for taking action to Quarantine the Kochs!

Check out what happened here:
and DONATE to the legal fund here:

Check out this Action Video!

A sickness is spreading across America! Families are in crisis. Jobs are down, foreclosures are up and folks are struggling to make ends meet. The middle class is under attack. For the first time ever, families in America don’t believe their children will have a better life than their parents.  

This infection of the body politic is driven by a handful of big corporations and greedy billionaires like the Koch brothers.

The Kochs are the masterminds and funders of the Tea Party, climate change denial, and the worst corporate front groups from the 2010 election. Now, thanks to Citizens United (a Koch brothers top priority), they are poised to unleash a pandemic of corporate corruption on our democracy.

On January 30, 2011, the Koch brothers and a cabal of other wealthy and powerful elites will be meeting behind closed doors in Rancho Mirage, CA (close to Palm Springs), to plot their strategy to take power in 2012 and dominate American political life.

Be part of the cure! Help us quarantine this corporate sickness and stop it from spreading further and deeper into our democracy:

  1. Join us in Palm Springs January 30th to take action!

    Get trained for nonviolent creative action and help us Quarantine the Kochs! Email nvda(at)ruckus(dot)org.

    Register for the January 30th rally, and get logistics info like bus transportation, etc.:

  2. Donate to our Quarantine Action Fund! Help us raise $35k for high-impact actions to Quarantine the Kochs!:

  3. Can’t join us this time, but want to support the fight ahead? Sign up for future action alerts!:

  4. Follow all the action on Twitter! @QtheKochs and join our Quarantine the Kochs facebook page and help us spread the word!

Check out this great info-graphic from our friends at the Other98: "Stop the Spread of Mad Billionaire’s Disease!"