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Action to stand with the people of Japan and stand against Nuclear Power!

Please join Movement Generation, Mobilization for Climate Justice-West, and others this Friday to stand with the people of Japan, and stand against Nuclear Power!

Japanese anti-nuclear activists
Japanese Anti-Nuclear Activists

Stand with the people of Japan.

Stand against Nuclear Power.

for Local Clean Energy

**Vigil and Demonstration**

5:00pm, Friday, March 18th
Gather at 11th and Broadway,  

Downtown Oakland

 March to City Hall

As we pray for and stand with the people of Japan, we must take action at home to end the era of nuclear nightmares.  NEVER AGAIN! NO MORE MAN-MADE DISASTERS!

CALIFORNIA has 2 Nuclear Power Plants sitting near faultlines; and one is in a tsunami zone. These are unimaginable disasters waiting to happen. OAKLAND gets energy from PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. In 2008, a previously unknown faultline was discovered 1/2 mile from the Diablo Canyon Plant. PG&E is trying to renew it’s permit to operate the plant until 2045 before doing earthquake studies. Communities near the nuclear plant are saying NO WAY!  

No.3 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor Burns

As the tragedy in Japan makes clear nuclear energy is a disaster waiting to happen and it puts all of us- lives, livelihoods and the whole planet– at risk. Countries across the world are taking action to protect themselves from the many "unlikely" nightmare scenarios by shutting down nuclear plants. It’s time for California to join them. 

In tribute to the victims in Japan-from Hiroshima to Fukushima, let’s begin building our clean energy future now. The safety and health of every community comes first. Locally-Controlled Clean Energy will never meltdown!

We can choose a future powered by the sun, wind, bike pedals and other renewable, decentralized sources but only if we first take back control of our energy systems at the local level. 

Join us in calling first and foremost for every measure to be taken to ensure the safety of the people in Japan including the shutdown of compromised reactors.

Second, call on the city of Oakland to:

1) Take back solar panelscontrol from PG&E. Oakland doesn’t have to choose Nuclear, or other forms of dangerous, destructive energy like fossil fuels. Instead, we should partner with other cities to implement Community Choice Energy. 

2) Build the Local Clean Energy Economy with work in our communities. The City should fast-track plans to take back money from PG&E to run our own energy efficiency programs.  

OAKLAND can be part of the solution:
Lead the way AWAY from Dirty, Deadly, Extreme Energy
TOWARDS Local, clean, renewable, energy