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Anti-Tar Sands Banner Deployment at RBC-Toronto

Heather Milton-Lightening (Ruckus Board member and IP3 Advisory Board member) and Eriel Deranger, both indigenous women from Canada, scaled flag poles in front of Royal Bank of Canada’s headquarters in Toronto this morning, deploying a banner that read, "Please Help us Mrs".  

The action is part of Rainforest Action Network‘s campaign against the Alberta Tar Sands, appealing to the wife of Royal Bank of Canada’s CEO, campaigning to get RBC to divest from the Tar Sands project – the largest extraction project in North America.

Heather Milton-Lightening, Ruckus Board Member,
hanging the banner from one of RBC’s flag poles

(photo credit: Jonathan McIntosh)

Other Ruckus staff and network joined Heather, Eriel, and RAN organizers on the ground, educating passersby about the campaign.

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Please Help Us Mrs