Ruckus Updates

Back from Our Staff Retreat

The Ruckus Society just descended from Black Mountain, where we spent 4 intense days and nights planning our exciting 2007 year. Looking back over the high output of camps, trainings and actions so far in 2006, we were inspired to get to work. Core programs such as the Indigenous Peoples’ Power Project and Not Your Soldier will be having their first advisory board meetings this fall. Ally programs Freedom From Oil and Quarantine Wal-Mart will continue to exemplify what’s possible when training and action go hand in hand. Our training network will grow by 10 trainers in the coming year, and we’ll be participating in two major Trainings for Trainers before the year is out. The fundraising and operations plans blew our minds – everyone on this staff is capable and inspired. We also checked in our vision, how we believe change happens and making sure that we are representing our values in every step we take, as well as making the most of our dope little team. We will be posting many more results here, but we wanted to thank you for your patience while we were away, and for being the type of folks that we are so inspired to serve.