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Bay Area Protests Expansion of Richmond, CA Chevron Refinery on 5th Anniversary of Iraq War

Ruckus staff and network joined APEN, Communities for a Better Environment, Richmond, CA residents, and Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW) March 15th to shut down the Chevron oil refinery in Richmond, CA, to protest the refinery’s expansion plans on the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

After a peaceful rally and lively community march through Richmond to the Chevron refinery, the people took over the main entrance and entire intersection, with over 40 activists forming a massive nonviolent blockade, while community leaders gave testimony to the refinery’s damaging presence in the community.

While the blockade and speeches went on, two women, Ruckus staffer Megan Swoboda and network member Jene Despain, climbed two traffic light poles and hung a banner reading, "NO WAR NO WARMING NO MORE POLLUTION".

Read more about the action on the DASW site!