Ruckus Updates

Black Friday Actions with Striking Walmart Workers!

Ruckus folks joined thousands on Black Friday to support Striking Walmart Workers and boycott Walmart’s evil empire!

Here’s a brief reportback from two of our trainers who supported actions in the Los Angeles area:

Workers from over 10 stores in Los Angeles county were on strike in the days leading up to and including Black Friday. Ruckus network members Ellen Choy and Diana Pei Wu supported the strikes at the Pico Rivera store on Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and the large picket and civil disobedience at the Paramount store on Black Friday, by providing livestream, Twitter and on-the-ground photo support to OURWalmart and ForRespect. Over 1,000 people showed up at the Paramount action, which ended in 9 arrests and garnered major national and local media coverage in English, Spanish and Chinese outlets.