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Building Movement Through Action: A Community Dialogue & Celebration

DC members of Ruckus and other area community activists gathered Monday evening, May 23, 2011, at RAS Restaurant & Lounge for an evening of Community Dialogue about the current state of direct action and how our movements can best utilize action tactics and strategy to achieve our goals.

Speakers included:

  • Dominic Moulden (ONE-DC)
  • Cesar Maxit (Ruckus, DC-51 art collective, action artist & coordinator at large)
  • Sharon Lungo (Co-Director, The Ruckus Society)

Panelists addressed such questions as:

  • What are examples of effective, creative, and innovative action campaigns that are successfully building movement for social change?
  • How do we use more radical action in order to move forward radical social change?
  • What is the relationship of risk to effectiveness of action campaigns?

Participants broke into small group discussion circles after Q & A with the panelists, to further discuss the questions at hand, and share ideas of how we can all play a more active role in building movement through action.

Check out video from the event! “Building Movement Through Action: Pt I”: “Building Movement Through Action: Pt II”:

And some photos of the night!