Ruckus Updates

Business Ethics Network 2006

Business Ethics Network 2006 At this year’s Business Ethics Network Conference, the Ruckus Society, along with partners Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange, were nominated for the BENNY Awards for our work on the Jumpstart Ford Campaign. But on Wednesday, October 4th, Adrienne Maree Brown also joined Simon Billenness of the Big Box Collaborative, Andrea Buffa of Global Exchange and Conrad MacKerron of the As You Sow Foundation for a panel discussion on Super Coalitions. Looking at examples from the youth voting, anti-war, and Wal-Mart movements, the panel focused on best practices for how coalition work should happen, including professional facilitation, strategy sessions at the beginning of a coalition effort, making sure the right people are at the table, and knowing how long the coalition needs to exist. Later that evening Andy of the Yes Men gave the conference keynote, and he and Adrienne began conspiring on fun actions to come.