Climate Justice Action Team

Jumpstart Ford

The Ruckus Society is honored to be part of the Jumpstart FORD Campaign. By partnering with Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange we have reunited three key organizations that played a critical role in rocking the WTO to it’s very knees during the nonviolent actions in Seattle 1999.

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Help Kick America’s Oil Habit at the LA Auto Show

From Wednesday November 29 through Saturday December 2, Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange, Ruckus Society, and Code Pink will hold creative protests outside the LA Auto Show at the Staples Center to show how America’s oil addiction fuels climate chaos, environmental destruction, job losses, and international conflict.

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Freedom from Oil Action Camp

America has a deadly addiction to oil. We now devour twenty-five percent of the planets petroleum. Our dependence spawns resource wars that breed hatred and

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