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Desert Rock Blockade

At the intersection of Climate justice, environmentalism, self-determination, and human rights is a place called Burnham, New Mexico. Burnham is ground zero for the proposed Desert Rock coal burning power plant development by Sithe Global and the Dine Power Authority. The development threatens the way of life of Navajo (Dine) families who have been living on the land harmony for generations. Navajo families BLOCKADED the road to the site and STOPPED production of a coal burning power plant. The elders and supporters continue to hold vigil at the sight despite the bitter cold and a short supply of resources. However, the resolve of the elders is strong and cannot be defeated.

Dooda (doe-da) means “NO” in the Dine language. Elders and their families have formed the Dooda Desert Rock (DDR) committee that has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop this filthy development that destroys land water and air. The Burnham elders are in the fight of their lives against list of large adversaries that includes big money in the form of Sithe Global and extends all the way to the Whitehouse’s energy policy. The leadership of the DDR committee stands against the development on the Fundamental Laws of the Dine People which is the high law of the Navajo Nation on which the proposed development stands.

Dine Fundamental Law Section 205 S.S. D-G state:

D. The Din have a sacred obligation and duty to respect, preserve and protect all that was provided for we were designated as the steward of these relatives through our use of the sacred gifts of language and thinking; and

E. Mother Earth and Father Sky is part of us as the Din and the Din is part of Mother Earth and Father Sky; The Din must treat this sacred bond with love and respect without exerting dominance for we do not own our mother or father.

F. The rights and freedoms of the people to the use of the sacred elements of life as mentioned above and to the use of the land, natural resources, sacred sites and other living beings must be accomplished through the proper protocol of respect and offering and these practices must be protected and preserved for they are the foundation of our spiritual ceremonies and the Din life way; and

G. It is the duty and responsibility of the Din to protect and preserve the beauty of the natural world for future generations.

The Ruckus Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Power Project (IP3) trainers Robert Chanate, Kelvin Long, Marty Aranaydo, and Celia Alario were invited by the DDR committee and lent training support in revisiting and reinforcing strategy, tactics, media, and organizing for the next phase of the fight. YOUR support is also needed…

“This direct action is Dine’- Native based. You have been invited by the Dine’ grassroots families that live on the land where the proposed Desert Rock coal-fired power plant may be built. Your support is called for and much appreciated.”
Elouise Brown, President
Dooda Desert Rock Committee

To find out how you can support the Dooda Desert Rock fight, and for more information, please visit!