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Direct Action Training for Trainers 2007

Training for Trainers
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The Ruckus Society offers our 5 day Direct Action Training for Trainers (T4T) once a year as a way to expand the skills and analysis of our current training community, bring new trainers into our network, and strengthen the training capacity of our partner organizations.

The Ruckus Society uses experiential education as the central methodology for our workshops and curriculums. Experiential education focuses on the group’s knowledge rather than the trainer’s. The trainer’s role is to empower the group to draw out their own expertise, and teach each other. Our training methodology fits directly with our belief that impacted communities should be empowered to create their own solutions.

At our Direct Action T4T, participants will:

  • Deepen their understanding of experiential education theory
  • Enhance their workshop facilitation and design skills
  • Gain greater awareness of themselves as facilitators
  • Receive personal guidance from experienced trainers
  • Take risks and try new approaches in a supportive environment
  • Network with and receive support from other trainers in the field of Nonviolent Direct Action
  • Explore theory and share personal beliefs and experiences with Nonviolent Direct Action
  • Learn concrete training skills in one of five Nonviolent Direct Action tracks: Creative Visuals, Blockades, Direct Action Planning & Prep, Intro to NVDA, and Action Media
  • Receive Direct Action curricula developed by lead trainers for The Ruckus Society
  • Gain clear understanding of the structure of The Ruckus Society direct action network, and how they can become a part of it.

This training is limited to 35 participants. Apply for our upcoming T4T in Voluntown, CT, from November 13-18, 2007, while there’s still space left!