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Freedom from Oil Action Camp

America has a deadly addiction to oil. We now devour twenty-five percent of the planets petroleum. Our dependence spawns resource wars that breed hatred and put our young people in harms way. It wreaks chaos with our climate, creating Super-Storms that take thousands of lives and destroy communities. It threatens front-line indigenous communities that live in oil-rich regions around the world.

The technology exists now to safely transition away from the fossil fuel paradigm. Yet Big Oil has squelched the debate by using it’s Big Bucks to capture our political and electoral processes. It’s high time for "We the People" to free our society and the planet from the tyranny of oil.

Application for Freedom From Oil Action Camp is CLOSED

Freedom From Oil Action Camp (8-14 July 2006 in Southern Indiana) is a 5-day summit of 150 to 200 young organizers working to break America’s oil addiction. It is cosponsored by The Ruckus Society, Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange, Energy Action, and Oil Change International.

By day, participants will learn hard skills to build strategic and synergistic campaigns. By night, visionary thinkers will posit what our society can and will look like when we have moved beyond oil. Important alliance building will take place to move forward on election year strategies, corporate markets campaigns, campus organizing, and alternatives advocacy.


Oil campaigners ~ Student Organizers ~ Solutions/Alternatives Wonks ~ Soccer Moms ~ Climate Justice Advocates ~ Young Native Leaders ~ and Oil Impacted Community Members

Curriculums and Trainings

  • Jumpstart Ford
  • Separation of Oil and State
  • Climate Justice
  • Green Energy Campus Organizing
  • Strategic Campaigning
  • Media & Communications Training
  • Nonviolence Philosophy & Technique
  • Action Climbing Techniques
  • Direct Action Imagery
  • Internet/Digital Activism
  • Community Organizing
  • Action Planning & Strategy
  • Sit Ins, Blockades & Support Roles
  • Banner Construction & Rigging
  • Political Theater
  • Legal Considerations for Direct Action

Application for Freedom From Oil Action Camp is closed.