Ruckus Updates

Hip Hop Congress National Gathering

The Ruckus Society barely took a breather after the US Social Forum, offering a Nonviolent Direct Action training to all attendees at the 6th Annual National Gathering of the Hip Hop Congress. Located at Ohio University in the rural hills of Athens, OH – where a late night drive shows a great love of neon crosses – chapters of the Hip Hop Congress gathered for a weekend of networking, hip-hop shows, meetings and trainings.

Folks started by sharing what issues they would be willing to risk arrest for, and what issues they thought the hip-hop community should consider acting on. Then the entire room played a massive game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to look at the process of planning and taking actions. TRS executive director Adrienne Maree Brown covered the basics of NVDA, the Kingian approach to Nonviolence and Campaigning, and then had the HHC body break into groups and plan actions around issues they care about.

"We are ready for direct action in Sacramento for the Sac Hates Hip-Hop campaign," said Wizdom, a member of the Sacramento Hip Hop Congress Chapter. "We want more training!"