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IP3 Tactics Summit

What do you get when you bring 10 years of Ruckus brand nonviolent direct action experience together with the frontlines of environmental justice to bond and put their heads together around hardcore, strategic action and tactics?  One answer is the Indigenous Peoples’ Power Project (IP3) Tactics Summit!… the other will manifest in the coming season.  Climate criminals, enviro-desecrationists, and human rights violators beware! 

The Tactics Summit brought together the power-packed Ruckus volunteer network with representatives from the communities that the Indigenous Peoples’ Power Project (IP3) serves all over Turtle Island.  Together, seasoned IP3ers and committed newer organizations and individuals were immersed in hands-on training in direct action tactics that Ruckus has been rocking over the last 10 years and envisioning the possibilities of applying and collaborating with new friends and allies in the near future.  2006’s Training for Native Trainers (TNT…it’s DY-NO-MYTE!) prepared our partner organizations to train their communities in direct action theory and come to a place of action.  The Tactics Summit marks the second installment of this process of training Native trainers to ensure that the communities Ruckus serves will add these direct action tactics and skills permanently to the powerful organizing going on in the defense of Mother Earth.  Keep your eyes peeled and ear to the street/dirt for the resulting strategic action we hope this gathering inspired!