Ruckus Updates

Mar 4th Action Prep Training for Sonoma State Univ. Students

Students all over the State of California have been gearing up for the strike on March 4th.  Students at Sonoma State University are also planning to take part in March 4th mass actions, and called Ruckus last week to see if they could get some extra training and action prep support.

So we sent our trainer Matt L. up Hwy 101 Monday night, March 1, to help the students plan their sit-in for March 4th.

From Matt:

I did a general NVDA training for Sonoma State students in preparation for March 4th walk-outs and planned sit-in. About 15 students came. It was
organized on very short notice, and organizers expect upwards of 20-30 to participate in the March 4th sit-in, with up to 500 to be a part of the broader rally and march.

The training ended up being part campaign strategy (helping them think through their objectives, demands, tactics/strategy/goals for their
work), and then half hands-on action prep for the action. We touched a bit on history and philosophy of NVDA, but for sake of time mostly focused on planning for their specific needs.