Ruckus Updates

Mock Quarantine Planned for Wal-Mart Protest in SLC

(KCPW News) Anti-Wal-Mart protestors plan to don face masks and hazmat suits today in a mock quarantine to protest the company’s pay and benefits policies. George Neckel of Utah Jobs With Justice says the national protest effort is meant to coincide with Wal-Mart’s annual shareholder meeting today in Arkansas. He argues that Wal-Mart misuses business and government subsidies and underpays employees, forcing them to rely on public assistance.

In Utah, Wal-Mart tops the list of businesses with workers getting Medicaid or other state assistance. Kevin Sheridan, a spokesperson for Working Families for Wal-Mart, which is closely affiliated with the retail giant, rejects Neckel’s claims. He is particularly critical of the Ruckus Society, which organized the Wal-Mart quarantine and is known for unorthodox protests. Today’s demonstration is planned for 5:30 at the Wal-Mart on 9th East and 46th South in Salt Lake City.