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Oakland Eviction Press Conference 8/4

Ruckus network folks helped out with a "right to stay" press conference at the home of Karen Mim in East Oakland Tuesday, 8/4.  Originally, Mim was scheduled for eviction, and Just Cause and ACORN successfully organized community support through phone calls to the Sherriff’s office urging the city to cancel the eviction, as well as planning a home defense blockade for 5am.

Because of the loud community support, the Sherriff postponed the eviction; therefore, instead of a blockade on Tuesday, a press conference was held to voice community support for Mim’s right to stay permanently.

If the Sherriff decides to come back to evict Mim, the community will be there to defend her!

BREAKING NEWS from Just Cause Oakland:

Karen Mim’s eviction for 8/4 has been postponed.  Instead of a home blockade at 5am Tuesday, there will be signmaking at 9am, and then a press conference at 1pm.  9401 Cherry St, Oakland.


Due to the overwhelming support of community and elected leaders, we have been able to postpone the eviction.  Karen has secured a stay until this Friday, August 7th.
We’ve got a lot of great momentum built up and we must keep the pressure on AURORA to make sure that they post pone the eviction INDEFINITELY!
Tomorrow, we will NOT be meeting up at 5am, but we will be having a press conference to keep the pressure on Aurora Loan Services to demand that they rescind the eviction and uphold Karen’s Right to Stay!
We still need folks to come out to help with signs and banner making at 9am and are inviting people who would like to support to come out at 11am to be part of the press conference.
We will also need folks to help with rides for our members beginning at 10am tomorrow morning.
We are also asking folks to make a donation to help Karen stay in her home.  Aurora has asked Karen to pay $50 per day to stay in her home, and we are asking for people to support by donating a day, or part of a day to protect her right to stay.  You can bring donations to the press conference tomorrow, or you can make checks payable to Karen Mims and send to the Just Cause office.
In addition to that, we need to keep the pressure on Aurora Loan Services, please call their legal representative: Nicole Kim at 720-945-3217 and the loan officer in charge of Karen’s loan: Carrie Black at (720)945-4566, We are demanding they rescind the eviction for Karen Mims, loan number: 0021802152

We’re also asking for people to make donations to Karen so that she can stay in her home, the rent that Aurora is asking her to pay is $50/day, if you can donate a day, or part of a day, that would be greatly appreciated,to make a donation,  make out a check payable to Karen Mims or you can bring your donations to the press conference tomorrow

Thanks to you all for your support and your work towards this victory, continue to fight for the Right to Stay with Just Cause Oakland, see you tomorrow at 11am!
Peace, RC

Robbie Clark
510.763.5877 x 309 – Office


Just Cause and ACORN are looking for folks to help defend Karen Mim’s home against eviction Tuesday, 8/4, from 5am-2pm.

Come join the defense!  Say no to evictions!

9401 Cherry St, Oakland

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Karen Mims has lived in her East Oakland home for 12 years and now is facing eviction due to a foreclosure on Tuesday morning, 8/4, as early as 6am. "My home is where my family gathers for the holidays," said Karen Mims, who has been an ACORN member since ACORN’s Home Defending Campaign began in February. "My grandchildren come and stay with me here and if someone is having a tough time, if they lose a job or something, I can let them stay here. Aurora Loans is trying to take that away,"

While Karen’s bank, Aurora Loan Servicing signed onto the Obama plan, initial data shows that they are not in compliance with the regulations and still not modifying loans. On Tuesday, the day of Karen’s eviction, the White House will publish the first report on the performance of Making Home Affordable Servicers. ACORN Home Defenders expect Aurora to be at the bottom of the list.

Meanwhile, senior citizens like Karen Mims have not been able to get the help they need to stay in their homes.

Because of the sheriff’s unexpected eviction last week at Tosha’s house – we expect they may show up earlier than they have in the past this Tuesday. The earliest the can come is at 6:00 – and so we are asking people to get there before then. We will begin gathering at 5am at Karen’s home at 9401 Cherry St. in East Oakland.

Please join us! For questions about this action, please contact Carlos Uribe at curibe[at] or at 510-434-3110 x 503.