Ruckus Updates


Our friends at CREDO, the progressive mobile phone company, have figured out a way to put all those crazy and inaccurate things the right wing nuts say to work for progressive causes like Ruckus. They put together a weekly news quiz to test you on the latest conservative claptrap – it’s called OMG GOP WTF?!

Now everything you know about right wing newsmakers can be put to good use AND help The Ruckus Society raise some dough, quickly and easily (and this time it’s TRULY quick and easy, literally 5 answers and we definitely get the $).

Every time you answer a question correctly, the Ruckus Society gets 10 cents. There are five questions, so that means that if we get 1000 people to take the quiz and you score okay…we’ll get $500 dollars.

Ready to play? Check it out: And be sure to order your free sticker while you’re at it!

This is a great way to spend 1 minute of your day and you will feel immensely accomplished!