Ruckus Updates

Plug-In Hybrids, Not Hummers!

The Ruckus Society helped Working Assets STEP IT UP in collaboration with 1,400 other simultaneous nationwide climate change consciousness-raising actions, by deploying an 18-ft banner reading “PLUG-IN HYBRIDS NOT HUMMERS NOW!”, suspended by two weather balloons, in front of a Hummer dealership in San Rafael, CA.

Working Assets employees and community volunteers biked over the Golden Gate Bridge to San Rafael, starting off the action by encircling the intersection in front of the Hummer dealership. A parade of electric vehicles followed close behind, all celebrating the use of solution-powered transportation, free of oil, carbon emissions, and the devastating environmental and social impacts that the current auto industry inflicts. A Hummer itself trailed behind as the caboose, toting soap-inscribed window signs declaring, “I wish I was a Hybrid”.

Volunteers dressed in polar bear costumes and community demonstrators gathered around and cheered as the banner was deployed, raised up by Working Assets employees harnessed to the weather balloons. Smiling families together held polar bear signs asking “Hey Hummer! How much can a Polar Bear?”, and chanted along with the rest, demanding that Congress Step It Up by cutting carbon 80% by 2050.

Thanks to Ruckus network volunteer Jessica Bell for her help coordinating the balloon banner.