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Ruckus at the Capitol Climate Action

[3/4 update: check out this great report about the action at It’s Getting Hot in Here].

Ruckus staffers and network members are in full force in DC today with thousands of others shutting down the Capitol Coal power plant for the Capitol Climate Action! Watch the action LIVE on the web HERE or below on this page!  And follow ruckus at the action on twitter by following ruckusociety

3:00pm EST:

Despite snow and cold, about 2,500 folks are currently shutting down the power plant right now in DC!

Once all gates were taken, Ruckus ED Adrienne Maree Brown kicked things off with a song, and now speakers have taken center stage at the front gate.

3:25pm EST from adrienne:

just spoke to thousands of folks from the solar van stage, now in place to risk arrest with tzeporah, ran, bill mckibben, ien, wendell berry, bobby kennedy, judy bonds and so many more!

3:39pm EST:

adrienne was just interviewed for KPFA radio’s Flashpoints show, which will air at 5pm PST.

3:51pm EST:

Scientist James Hansen and Bobby Kennedy have both spoken, decrying the absurdity of the notion of "clean" coal.

5:00pm EST:

After a full day of occupying every gate of the Capitol Power Plant, 2,500 climate justice activists declared victory and marched back to Spirit of Justice Park!

Twitter updates (in PST) from The Ruckus Society / ruckusociety.

03/02/2009 03:30 PM
ruckusociety: this is just the beginning. 1st shut down capitol coal. then we go to kentucky, new mexico, alberta, virginia, escalated actions… 

03/02/2009 03:27 PM
ruckusociety: we won! #capitolclimate
03/02/2009 12:37 PM
ruckusociety: was just on flashpoints on kpfa! #capitolclimate
03/02/2009 10:44 AM
ruckusociety: following indigenous and coal impacted community leaders to the capitol coal plant to shut it down
03/02/2009 10:19 AM
ruckusociety: ready to march! ready to shut down capitol coal! #capitolclimate
03/02/2009 10:08 AM
ruckusociety: indigenous communities leading blue contingent! #capitolclimate
03/02/2009 10:07 AM
ruckusociety: with darryl hannah, wendell berry, kathy matthea, randy hayes, mike klein, mike roselle and hundreds of others in the red contingent!
03/02/2009 09:51 AM
ruckusociety: folks gathering and getting into contingents, fairly organized so far. really cold for tweeting
03/02/2009 09:34 AM
ruckusociety: with @tzeporah at spirit justice park! #capitolclimate
03/02/2009 08:31 AM
ruckusociety: finally made it to united methodist building for nvda training #capitolclimate
03/02/2009 08:08 AM
ruckusociety: in spite of snow delays, still upbeat