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Ruckus Reportback From U.S. Social Forum 2010 National Planning Committee

Ruckus is honored to be a part of the planning process for the US Social Forum 2010. The social forum is part of a humbling, international movement building process – as we plan for the US Social Forum, we know that similar processes are happening for regional forums all over the word. We were a late addition to the team in 2007, mostly because of our network’s experience at mass mobilization, marches and security. Now, we are staying involved because politically, we want to see the community use of effective direct action being shared with groups all over the nation. By participating in the US Social Forum, we work to center direct action as an effective tactic for building movement towards victory.

Ruckus is also interested in being a part of the world social forum process as an active participant in a global community that uses and trains the tactics of nonviolent direct action. We have been building more and more connections to folks engaging in direct action tactics in other nations. We have so much to learn.

The next U.S. Social Forum is now booked for June 22-26, 2010, in Detroit, Michigan. There are several steps along the road to Detroit. One of the first steps that I am inviting folks to is the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this July 16-19. The gathering is an amazing convergence of folks evolving the way humans communicate and organize, and Ruckus has proposed a session working with groups to develop direct action and direct communication strategies. The organizers are inviting folks to stay for the whole following week (vacation in Detroit y’all!) and get up to your elbows in righteous community work from gardening to actions. It’s going to be amazing, and it’s a great way to get to know the city.