Ruckus Updates

Ruckus Training for Central Valley Air Quality Coalition 2/21/09

Two Ruckus network trainers facilitated a nonviolent direct action training workshop for a dozen members of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition February 21, 2009, in Merced, CA.

From the trainers:

The participants are working on a range of air quality and environmental issues in [California’s] Central Valley, including the effects of pesticides on farmworkers, toxic cleaning supplies, smog and exhaust, and a campaign to stop Wal-Mart from building a huge distribution center in Merced. It was exciting to get them in the same room to learn from each other and brainstorm and plan direct actions that will get their message heard, galvanize supporters, and build skills and power. I hope the relationships between Ruckus and the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition can grow and develop over time. Great to work with them!