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Rupert Murdoch Confronted in Press Conference

On December 1, 2009, Ruckus supported with an action team who confronted Rupert Murdoch over Glenn Beck’s claims that President Obama is "racist".

Upon’s request, the Ruckus action team (including Cesar M. and Nadine B.) disrupted a press conference that Murdoch (the owner of Fox News) was holding, trying to force Murdoch to acknowledge whether or not he agrees with Glenn Beck about Obama being racist.

The team unfolded an 8-ft banner reading, "Murdoch agrees: Obama is a racist.  WHY ISN’T THIS NEWS?", forced the question amidst a roomful of reporters (with others joining in on the question), and distributed fliers to reporters and others in attendance.

You can watch video from Media Matters aired on MSNBC here.