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Security Workers Take Action!

The Ruckus Society supported San Franciscos security workers as they took to the streets September 24th – September 28th for a week of direct action to demand the citys wealthiest property owners, including Shorenstein,Morgan Stanley, and Hines, give them a living wage and decent health care benefits.

This is the first strike of its kind in San Francisco. Security workers protect high-rise commercial offices in the downtown area for some of the richest property owners in the country. While these corporations are enjoying record breaking profits, the security workers are relegated to poverty wages with no health-care.

While job responsibilities for the security workers are high, they find themselves on the bottom of a growing service industry that has pushed down the standard of living of workers in this country to record lows. Mostly people of color and new immigrants, San Franciscos security workers earn less than everyone else in the citys commercial property buildings, including window washers, parking attendants and janitors.