Ruckus Updates

Singing at the Social Venture Network

There are so many ways to raise a Ruckus, and righteous song is the latest practice The Ruckus Society is taking on. At the Social Venture Network Member Gathering in Kennebunkport (yes, summer home of the Bush Family), Ruckatista Adrienne Maree shared original songs as well as a few movement classics, weaving uplifting song throughout the entire event. The gathering is for socially responsible entrepreneurs, people who are forging a path to social change through changing the way people engage in business, evolving the bottom line measure of business success to include environmental, health, human rights and community impact.

Adrienne is a constant advocate of communities in song: "Song is a movement building practice where we can all join each other in breath and release. Singing together is the way to center and inspire us to liberate ourselves and those around us. I don’t think social change can happen without it."

Click here to hear one of the originals Adrienne performed at SVN.