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Single-Payer Healthcare – Part 21 – A New Possibility is Emerging in Atlanta

It’s almost upon us, the historic first-ever United States Social Forum. Thousands of organizers, activists and radical thinkers will converge upon Atlanta from June 27-July 1 to engage in discussion, party together, play together, and share best practices for movement building in today’s United States.

The theme is “If another world is possible, another America is necessary.” Working on the premise that a new healthcare system is part of that other America, the movement for a national healthcare plan will be there.

While the case for a sensible national healthcare plan has been made time and again, we’re still looking at a field of progressive candidates who don’t seem to get it. Pitching plans that will cost taxpayers more and keep us further from the healthcare we need, the leading candidates for the 2008 election are going to need pressure from more than just those organizers deeply entrenched in the healthcare movement.

It’s going to be up to those of us who demand a national healthcare plan to reach out across the breadth of issues to find new allies. At the social forum, we’ll be doing all we can to share the message that another healthcare system is at our fingertips – the plan is in place with tons of support. It’s a massive step in the right direction.

What we need is the widespread understanding and support of all the communities impacted by our nation’s current unjust healthcare policies. Those communities will all be represented at the social forum, coming to share their needs, hopes, dreams and plans.

The social forum movement around the world has been a massive and important space for activists, academics and others who want to see a change, to come together and feel the strength of their numbers against daunting odds. Now, finally, dedicated organizers and social change thinkers around this country are gathering to share best practices and strengthen the movement.

Don’t be too busy to make it. Change your plans and get yourself to the Forum. The organization I work with, The Ruckus Society, usually does a weeklong training each summer. Not this year. We are joining the rest of the movement at the social forum to offer our training in non-violent direct action to as many people as we can fit in our tent!

We’ll be offering a special training on Birddogging Candidates to organizers working on a national healthcare plan in the Healing, Health and Environmental Justice Tent from 1-4 pm on June 29th.

Other programming specifically for the national healthcare movement will include a special screening of Michael Moore’s new film SiCKO on June 28th.

Amazing organizers have been driving this project for over two years without a break. Now it’s time for you to come and reap the benefits of all that work! Come to learn, come to meet others from all over the nation who care about the same issues as you, and come to share the vision for a real solution to our healthcare crisis!

Call us if we can help. 1-800-453-1305 or Click here to contact Ms. Brown and Healthcare-NOW.

Adrienne Maree Brown, ED is Executive Director of The Ruckus Society and a member of the board of Healthcare-NOW