Ruckus Updates

Student Farmworker Alliance Encuentro 2006

The Student Farmworker Alliance, the youth-based ally of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, held an Encuentro September 22-24, 2006 to train their constituency for the upcoming year.  satya from the Ruckus Society went down to Immokalee, FL and facilitated a training (along with Emily from USSA, Brie from LWAC, and Brigette of Interfaith Action), on how to effectively plan local and national campaigns.  Opening Exercise Tug-of-WarHe also led a discussion on how to do effective solidarity work while living in this "world on fire".  The Student Farmworker Alliance and Coalition of Immokalee Workers are about to launch a nationwide campaign against McDonald’s after recently winning an incredible Boycott of Taco Bell to get better wages and labor standards for tomatopickers and farmworkers.