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Tax Day Actions to Protest Corporate Tax Dodgers

Politicians claim that our local, state and federal governments are broke, to justify cutting critical public services to working class communities.  But, we do not have a spending problem – we have a revenue problem!

Corporations like Bank of America, FedEx, and Verizon (and many others) enjoy massive tax cuts, and pay little to no taxes on their huge profits each year.  If they simply paid taxes on their income like the rest of us, we could reduce or eliminate the need to slash funding for programs that serve the majority of us.

Join actions in your city Monday, April 18th – Tax Day – to demand that these Corporate Tax Dodgers PAY THEIR TAXES!

To find an action near you, check out the lists of actions around the country hosted by our friends at US Uncut and the Right to the City Alliance.

To kick off these Tax Day actions, Ruckus teamed up with US Uncut and the Brass Liberation Orchestra Friday, 4/15, for a Flash-Mob at Bank of America in San Francisco.  Check out this action report and photos, and click the image below to watch the action video (then share with your friends)!

And check out these great infographics which show details of how Tax Cuts for the wealthy impact Service Cuts:

From US Uncut and The Other 98%:

From Rainforest Action Network:

From Center for American Progress:

Chart: Programs at risk Vs. Tax Breaks for the wealthy