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The National Conference for Media Reform 2007

National Conference on Media ReformOn the weekend of January 12-14, 2007, Executive Director Adrienne Maree Brown joined 2500 people in Memphis, TN for the Third National Conference on Media Reform.  Adrienne moderated two panels at the conference on Hip-Hop and Independent Media.

You can listen to them here:

Make the Music with Your Mouth, Kid: Hip-Hop as Media Accountability
Moderator: Adrienne Maree Brown, The Ruckus Society
Malkia Cyril, Youth Media Council
Davey D, Hard Knock Radio
Ilana "Invincible" Weaver, hip-hop artist
Rosa Clemente, R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop Brotha Los, hip-hop artist

Independent Media as an Organizing Tool
Moderator: Adrienne Maree Brown, The Ruckus Society
Shivaani Selvaraj, Media Empowerment Project and Philly  IMC Project
Kat Aaron, People’s Production House
Jeanette Lee, Detroit Summer Live Arts Media Project

"Organizing is dependent on communication. Many of the actions that an organization like Ruckus takes are only as successful as the media they generate around the issue of focus. With major monopolizing efforts closing in on telephone, internet and radio, those of us who rely on media to get our messages heard by the masses and those in power need to pay special attention to media policy reform and protect our outlets while developing at all times a skilled and locally powerful alternative media structure." – AMB