Training & Action Support

Training and Actions are central components of what Ruckus does best.

Ruckus Society trainers have a wealth of direct action experience to call on. But more importantly, our trainers skillfully use popular education methods to draw out the knowledge that participants hold.

There are a number of ways to get Ruckus to come to you.

1. We can develop an entire Action Camp around your issue or community.

2. We can train on any of our key topic areas at your request.

3. We offer our own annual trainings: the Training for Trainers, Tactics Summit (week-long chance to go deep with 1 of 3 tactics, different each year), and in 2009 we’re unveiling the Strategy Summit (chance to deeply geek out on action strategy, logic, and scenarios).

4. We can bring an Action Camp or Training for Trainers to you, so that your community has a group of people who can internally build skills and experience in Nonviolent Direct Action methods and tools. 

5. We can also provide Action Strategy Sessions if you think you have a campaign that would benefit from action and want support in planning out the vision, roles, timeline, targets and more.

For questions about Action Camps, Training for Trainers and Tactics/Strategy Summits, please email To request a regular training, please follow the links below! 

We are also available for a wide range of action support, from Action Strategy Sessions, to providing gear and action coordinators, to building a whole action team, props and media plan. Check out a few of the actions we have supported in small ways (gear, advice) to large ways (action teams, strategy, creative visuals). Just put in an action request!