Ruckus Updates

Training Camp for Shaleshock

At the request of folks from the Shaleshock group, Ruckus designed a 3-day direct action planning and strategy camp for community activists in the Ithaca, NY, area, who are working to oppose shale gas extraction.

We sent out 4 of our experienced trainers to conduct the training December 4-6, 2009.

Here’s what one of our trainers had to say about the training:

Lynn here with a short report back from the recent training near Ithaca. Nadine, Matthew, Issac and myself worked with people from all over the region who are organizing to address the issue of gas extraction. These participants were fabulous, dedicated and engaged activists who jumped enthusiastically into the strategy training we did, mapping the pathways of industry and clarifying allies. They were wildly creative with the task of designing their own direct actions, and pushed forward the discussion of non-violence as a tactic and/or a way of life. I’m sure their capable hands can use the tools we provided, and continue to grow the work they are so committed to already. This weekend was a great step forward, with more to come!

Thanks so much to one of our radical local donors for generously sponsoring this training!