Ruckus Updates


Ruckus provides trainings in several different ways, which include bringing our trainings out to groups in their town, or bringing groups and individuals together for our week-long training camps. 

Here are the ways we provide training:

Training Camps

Training Camps are the cornerstone of Ruckus’s program.  Once or twice a year, Ruckus brings together groups and individuals for a week-long hands-on training camp.  Training Camps vary in type and focus, and are often tailored to the needs of the convening groups. 

To learn when our next training camp is, please see Upcoming Trainings.

Some of our standard Training Camps are:

  • Action Camp: participating groups and individuals typically share a common issue-focus; trainings include intro to nonviolent direct action theory and planning, media/messaging, as well as tactical sessions introducing blockades, climbing, and creative visuals.
  • Tactics Summit: this camp focuses on hands-on tactics rather than NVDA theory (which participants should already have); participants choose one tactical track to focus on throughout the week (ex: blockades, climbing, or creative visuals).
  • Training for Trainers (T4T): once individuals have participated in our trainings and gained some action experience, we invite them to a T4T, where they learn popular education training theory and methods, and specifically how to train Ruckus curriculum.


Skillshares focus on a specific action tactic, and can range in length, depending on the topic.  The focus is for participants to be able to leave the workshop with the skills necessary to use that specific tactic.  Skillshares in recent years have focused on such tactics as bannermaking, balloon banner action deployment, and climbing.

Community-Requested Trainings

Ruckus sends our network of experienced direct action trainers out into the field to facilitate trainings for groups upon request.  These can range from one 3-hour workshop, up to a multi-day training session.  We work with groups ahead of time to assess which trainings would benefit the group most, and put together a training package to suit the group’s needs.  Please check out our List of Trainings Offered and our Training Request Form.