NYC Climate Call to Action

Take Non-Violent Direct Action for Climate Justice!

New York City | September 17-24, 2014

International Week of Solidarity with Frontline Communities Around the World

from The Ruckus Society and Rising Tide North America

On September 23rd, political and corporate leaders are meeting at the United Nations in New York City for the Climate Summit 2014. This summit represents yet another step towards the corporate takeover of the UN climate negotiations, and the privatization of land, water and air resources under the guise of a global climate compact.

Meanwhile, as communities on the frontlines of climate change, we are the ones cultivating real, place-based solutions to address the global ecological crises. Indigenous peoples’ communities, communities of color and working-class white communities that are the first and most impacted by the storms, floods and droughts, are organizing to create millions of family-supporting jobs in clean energy, public transportation, zero waste, food sovereignty, community housing and ecosystem restoration.

We are organizing to stop pollution and poverty at the source, confronting the extreme energy corporations causing the climate crisis. As we write, our friends and comrades around the world are putting their bodies on the line to stop the corporations responsible – mining corporations; oil, coal and gas companies; pipelines and refineries; biofuels plantations; nuclear power plants; waste and biomass incinerators, and a myriad other industries profiteering from the destruction of our communities, our cultures and our ecosystems.

From Mesa to Mountaintop, from Hood to Holler – join us as we meet the scale and urgency of the crisis by standing in solidarity with all frontlines of resistance and resilience around the world, and taking non-violent direct action against the corporations driving the extractive economy.

We call on our allies to:

  • Join us in the streets of NYC for a week of creative non-violent actions for Climate Justice
  • Organize a delegation to join the Peoples March & People’s Climate Justice Summit in NYC
  • Organize a creative action in your home community that highlights local solutions to climate change
  • Spread this /call to action/ amongst your respective networks and social media outlets

Our demands of local, national and international decision-makers are simple:

Support us in building Just Transition pathways away from the “dig, burn, dump” economy, and towards “local, living economies” where communities and workers are in charge!

Join us in solidarity – in the streets of New York City, in your own community, and around the world!

Alliance for Appalachia . ACE for Environmental Justice . Asian Pacific Environmental Network . Black Mesa Water Coalition . Catskills Mountainkeeper . Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy . Center for Story-based Strategy . Communities for a Better Environment . Community to Community Development . Cornell Global Labor Institute . East Michigan Environmental Action Council . Energy Justice Network . Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative . Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives . Global Justice Ecology Project . Grassroots Global Justice Alliance . Grassroots International . Indigenous Environmental Network . Institute for Policy Studies . Ironbound Community Corporation . Jobs With Justice . Just Transition Alliance . Kentuckians for the Commonwealth . Labor Community Strategy Center . Labor Network for Sustainability . Little Village Environmental Justice Organization . Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment . Movement Generation . Movement Strategy Center . NAACP Climate Justice Initiative . New York City EJ Alliance . People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER) . POWER . Right to the City Alliance . Rising Tide North America . Ruckus Society . Southwest Organizing Project . Southwest Workers Union . UPROSE

Stay tuned for more information on action plans being developed in the coming weeks.

For more information, and to share your local action plans with us, contact or, or go to