What We Do

The Ruckus Society sees itself as a toolbox of experience, training, and skills. We provide instruction on the application of tactical and strategic tools to a growing number of organizations and individuals from around the world in skill shares and trainings that are designed to move a campaign forward. We do this work in strong collaboration with our partner organizations, working together to define and create the training agenda.

Ruckus has trained and assisted thousands of activists in the use of nonviolent direct action. We either bring activists to us (at Training Camps or Skillshares) or we go to them (community-requested tailored trainings). Through these trainings, we help people learn the skills they need to practice nonviolent direct action safely and effectively. These trainings contain cerebral elements as well as physical, classroom-style instruction for action planning, communicating with the media, building leadership and political analysis, and nonviolent philosophy and practice.

Ruckus promotes and teaches:

  • Implementation of strategic nonviolent direct action against unjust institutions and policies;
  • Organized strategic development and coherent planning to advance campaign goals;
  • The establishment of broad coalitions with common objectives;
  • Effective methods of media outreach and Internet/Technology activism to inform the general public;
  • Respect for all living things and a commitment to the power of diversity.

In addition to hosting Trainings, Ruckus also provides Action Support at a wide variety of levels (from helping you brainstorm action ideas to pulling off an action for you) for groups who desire assistance with their action campaign.

Our Action Support program goes hand in hand with our Training program, and we love nothing better than helping folks who have trained with us take action in order to build their skills and experience, and most importantly – create positive changes!