Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.

- Frederick Douglass



ACT connects organizers to the financial resources, tactical training and action strategy to evolve their local community resistance.

This further empowers their direct action work in the fight for our collective liberation.

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We want our communities to continuously reimagine the movement, reimagine direct action, and importantly #ReimagineLove!

This scholarship is a product of our own reimagining process!

#RuckusLovesThe Movement! #ReimagineDirectAction #ReimagineLove

The ACT Scholarship is a people sourced project. We urge you to support by donating!  

Every dollar given towards creative risks and new tactics brings us closer to a movement that reimagines direct action in this time of political chaos. And every act of solidarity with Ruckus brings us closer to Phase Two of the ACT Scholarship, a deep movement assessment project! 

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Who We Are

Ruckus is an action catalyst with over 20 years of experience in nonviolent direct action strategy, tactical training, and movement building.

What We Do

Ruckus comes when and where we're called. We train humble and fierce leaders and equip our people with the toolboxes they need to win.

Who We Roll With

Ruckus works across frontlines and in the communities most impacted by state violence and ecological devastation from the Borderlands to Indian Country.

Pick a fight. Break the rules. Build the new.

Change the game with The Ruckus Action Framework

Nonviolent Direct Action: The strategic use of immediately effective acts to achieve a political or social end and challenge an unjust power dynamic.

 Every successful social movement in history has been powered by nonviolent direct action.

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